Powerful Email marketing techniques

Powerful e-mail marketing techniques to build a loyal audience

Remember, those lost relationships?! Take action and get them back!

Download e-mail marketing tips and ebooke-mailing marketing is often an overlooked way to do this. If you already have an email address or business card it stands to reason you have had some contact with that person already and formed a good impression (unless you’ve bought an email list of course… and therefore do not collect £200 and do not pass GO!).

Think of all that time and effort you have put into building your contact database. It’s probably a mix of customers from the distant past, active customers or people that you’ve engaged with at networking groups. It’s also likely that as time goes by you’re failing to act on and re-engage with these people. Does it feel its all getting a bit awkward to talk with these people again? …well that’s a judgement call for you but remember, there was a mutual interest there at some point. Review those relationships and think about whether you have something meaningful to say to these people again and you will be starting a key re-marketing process.

People are typically a forgiving bunch and understand how hectic our lives can be. People do also remember people so it’s likely they would be happy to be contacted by you, even if some years have gone by. If you’re got something to say, look to re-engage with people that you’ve met in the past. Re-start your relationship and offer them something that you think might help. A little helpful knowledge may just be the starting block to help build your reputation as the ‘go-to’ business for your service or product… Download our simple emarketing ebook which gives you a simple process to how you might start.

e-mail marketing for businesses

Your business will broadly fit into two categories online; e-commerce product based sales or service based, professional services (we’re classifying social, enterprise and charities etc. all under ‘service’):

emails and e-Commerce based websites:

If you are running an e-commerce website customers may have bought from you and you’ll have quite in-depth information about the type of things they have bought. Use this knowledge to infer what else they might like to buy. You’re in a good spot, you know you have something people want, now its time to develop and re-market to those customers. What you don’t have is a relationship with that person, so it’s likely they’ll forget you even if they love what you have sold to them because its just another shop and people are so price focussed shopping online. But you do have to have the building blocks in place to build that relationship. Download our free ebook to read more detail on these e-marketing techniques for e-commerce shop owners and build your relationship with them.

Service Based Websites:

When you don’t have sell something online, what are the other techniques to gain engagement? Your opportunity to collate customer email addresses is limited. You’ll need to create a more natural tool for building your email database and with this a better way to understand what your customers want. Its much more likely people will be using your website for reference after a referral, through Social Media or finding you ‘blind’ via Search Engines. In which case the percentages for engagement are stacked against you… potential customers may visit you but you’ll be none the wiser* when or who has visited unless you capture their email address. To do this, develop some content that solves a problem these customers have or even an online tool that helps users get answers to their questions. You’ll need a mechanism to allow them to access the tool, either by sending a username and password or by collating the information in a free download or access to that tool by submitting their email address to you. Both routes are great ways to target people and build an audience because you’ll start to understand what they want. You see this technique used here in this blog and hopefully you find the content valuable and be open to receiving the next update?! This is a really simple technique that can be repeated across your website.

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This download details tips and practical guides to help you through the early stage minefields of email marketing! We are creating a very niche newsletter based on email marketing tips. Which we are encouraging you to join by adding your email address above. You can download the guide once you’re signed up to the list; you’re very welcome to (unsubscribe at any point – best practice and all!).

*Talk to us about more advance tracking methods to measure your marketing.

Brand custodians for the International Tennis Tournaments

Protecting your identity and reputation is a cornerstone for every business. With our experience developing brands we thought we’d look to outline some key considerations and actions you can put in place to stave off any unforeseen mishaps.

  • Clean, consistent design focuses your customer’s attention on specific parts of the page, helping to ease them through your content and any buying process!
  • If you are e-commerce based, at least 3-5 shots of your product – from different angles – help customers make potentially tricky online purchasing decisions.
  • Colour has a massive emotional effect. If people can only see the colours you use from a distance, they’ll already be making subconscious decisions about you and what you do…
  • Good, clear typography tells your customers EXACTLY what you want them to do.
  • Bespoke imagery shows people you’re serious about your business, and prepared to invest in it.

Businesses that go through the thought process with their brand development save the time and expense of having to compromise and make changes to fit in with a certain media or settle for something that is less than perfect. When we prepare company logos for their sponsorship packages for events like Northern Vision’s International Tennis Tournaments, the biggest issues arise from poorly executed branding. The extra time and wasted expense clients have to go to shoehorn an established but poorly prepared logo across the myriad of materials such as newspapers and livery to email marketing and a variety of website space, means that in some cases the branding just doesn’t stand up. The most robust logo’s manage the transfer across materials and convert well across the various platforms and when translated to pure colour such as white. The logo’s that make the most impact are simple, clear and work (are recognisable) across a variety of use.

When your company is in the position to show off to the world, first impressions count, the fundamentals of a strong logo are key. However, it’s not just the logo so much as the thought process behind the brand that helps establish your business’s story and how well that is showcased to the world.

Key factors to creating your brand:

  • Design your logo that reflects your business culture and customers. Colour palettes, fonts and icons will all have an affect and can illicit a negative or positive emotional response.
  • What’s the story behind the brand? What are the key messages about you that people will like? Is your company workforce on board and does it resonate with your customers?
  • Test out your logo across a variety of media, so it works in print, online and on signage. Do you know the spot colours, pantones and RGB values for your colour palette. Is that documented in your brand guidelines?
  • Make sure you know whether you fonts are web safe or can be reproduced and are licensed for your use.
  • Extend your branding and see how it works across stationery and other advertising.
  • Develop your key brand messages across an advertising campaign and target audience.
  • Does your brand have a tone of voice in print and for audio? How well do your messages play out well on the radio?
  • Test the strength of those messages with key focus groups.

The basics are to get a solid business identity from the get-go. Whether your ready to launch into full advertising campaign or just starting with your business identity. If the core assets are prepared well, you’ll save your business that cost many times over and when it comes to it, relax in the fact it’ll always look good.











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