Home Collaborative Working


A few people have asked for advice for home working and we thought you might find some of these free tools useful and help you with home and collaborative working over the longer-term. Albeit there's always a paid version, dependent on usage! If you need any more detail or if these don't cover ...
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web domains

Domains – Which Ones to Buy

Domains and the world of commerce online can be a bit of a minefield. Rules, trends and algorithms are always shifting and improving, so it can be really hard to know where to begin. Let’s start with a quick recap! A Brief History of Domain Names… The ‘domain name’; the ...
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best domain name extensions dot uk

2018 – Year of the ‘.uk’ Domain

The ‘.uk’ domain name has been around for a little while now. It was introduced as far back as June 2014 as a compacted replacement for the more common ‘.co.uk’. Although it has been around for a while, it is only now, nearly 4 years later, that this abbreviated domain ...
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Privacy protection laws

GDPR is Coming – What Does It Mean for You?

What is GDPR? General Data Protection Regulations is what it stands for. Cybercrime and misuse of data cases are becoming more and more common; data protection has very quickly become an important issue. The general public are increasingly aware of the potential threat when it comes to their personal data ...
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e-commerce lead generation tools

Choosing the Best Lead Generation Tool for Your Business

Finding the right lead generation tool, or indeed the right combination of lead generation tools, can be difficult. It is especially difficult when there are so many tools out there with so many applications, algorithms and variations in effectiveness. Where do you start? Well, hopefully we can give you some ...
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Voice activated devices

SEO for Voice Activated Devices

Voice activation is no longer ‘the future’. Voice activation is here, and now, and it works. We have seen voice activation soar in popularity over the last two or three years. Whether it’s through our phones with applications like Siri, or through purpose built devices like the Amazon Echo or ...
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Powerful Email marketing techniques

Powerful e-mail marketing techniques to build a loyal audience

Remember, those lost relationships?! Take action and get them back! e-mailing marketing is often an overlooked way to do this. If you already have an email address or business card it stands to reason you have had some contact with that person already and formed a good impression (unless you’ve bought ...
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Brand custodians for the International Tennis Tournaments

Protecting your identity and reputation is a cornerstone for every business. With our experience developing brands we thought we'd look to outline some key considerations and actions you can put in place to stave off any unforeseen mishaps. Clean, consistent design focuses your customer’s attention on specific parts of the ...
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