Brand narratives are essential to effective marketing communications. You can keep your content on track by using a content development plan.


Now that you have created your branding and marketing strategy, it’s time to put your communications into action. Rather than diving headfirst into your communications, we recommend setting out a plan for how you will organise and release your content. We call this a content development plan because the more content you create, the more your plan will develop. Your brand narrative is the foundation of all your marketing content. It’s your background. It explains who you are, what you do, and why your audiences need you. Following this, storytelling is the order in which you deliver this content and how you deliver it. Together, brand narratives and storytelling work to win audiences by revealing a deeper understanding of who your company is. The more about you that your audiences understand, the more they will trust you and ultimately want to work with you.


Mapping your brand narratives and storytelling ahead of time into a calendar-based plan allows you to consider what you want to put on your website, such as paid advertising and on your social channels. Doing this gives you the time to perfect your messaging and refine it. The more you plan, the more control you’ll have regarding how your brand story unfolds. Take control today and deliver a brand narrative that works for you.


Picture your favourite TV show. Now, imagine if the series spent episode after episode leading up to a conclusion only to jump back 4 episodes, then skip forward another 7, then again, and then suddenly jump to the end without any explanation. Users notice disorganisation because it breaks up the natural flow of when they should be receiving information, leaving them confused and frustrated. Planning ahead of schedule allows you to still make changes without running the risk of your customers wondering where your offer or information was a week ago.

Once you have the messaging and channels planned out, you can go to town on the visual and creative written content, and present it in the most appealing way for your customers. This content can be re-used across your social media, website, advertising campaigns, pay-per-click campaigns, and of course your website.


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Written by Tula Wild

Digital Marketing Manager with e-blueprint digital.


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