Once you’ve got content ready for your blogs and social media posts, you can use these two handy tools to create and resize graphics.

Microsoft Paint

Microsoft Paint is like a free version of Adobe’s Photoshop tool. It allows you to downscale and resize images so that they fit the dimensions you need for your blogs, which are set at 348×348. For consistency on the hub page, it’s good to have a consistent size or create your own graphics.

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Once you’ve decided on your Facebook and Twitter posts, you can use Canva to create graphics to accompany them. Canva provides you with automatically-created graphics for each platform – you just slot in your choice of image, add text, a URL or phone number, and then download them. It’s an easy way to create content for specific promotions and blogs.

Above all, have fun with your blogging… You’ll soon get a feel for what customers respond to, and what works best. The point of social media is to be authentic, genuine and show people a glimpse of you as a business in a digital environment. Make sure you use your expertise and insights – they’re what set you apart from the competition!

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Written by Nick Taylor


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