Maggie Mullan Architects required a website to show the scale and importance of the work they do. Having worked with Maggie for many years, it was a project of great significance for us. We wanted to truly reflect the competence and capability within her practice.

We worked through many sessions with MMA to find a narrative that best represents the ethos and approach to how MMA develops and delivers their projects. It was important to create branding that clearly showed the depth and importance of what they deliver for clients and the wider community.

We delivered a site that showcases the next generation of MMA’s nationally important projects that have come to fruition.

A solution for everything

Maggie’s ability to oversee every aspect of a building project needed to be fully represented without focussing on the technicality of how it is delivered. We undertook a series of photography sessions and interviews to inform the written content and develop her story. We decided on key statements of intent that represented the true essence of Maggie’s practice. The result was a versatile, relatable and beautiful website with a clear narrative.

Exceptionally talented and insightful group of individuals. The logo and brand development for my practice created a step change in my profile and I cannot thank them enough. I recommend e-blueprint’s web development, content and creative process very highly.

Maggie Mullan, Principal Architect

A personal touch

Maggie’s warm personality inspired the site, giving a forward facing approach to the planning and architecture.

Building a solid rapport

The empathic rapport Maggie has with her clients, and the relationship MMA took from the client to the building and the space being used, was something that we wanted to channel through the photography and copy. Understanding the essence of this, from MMA’s architectural stand point, informed the website’s architecture and layout. It also helped us select the content that displayed connections between people and the spaces they’re in.

The anatomy of the MMA brand

A true brand identity has been developed and executed through a beautifully crafted logo. As a spearhead for the business, it creates an impression that has helped define MMA’s merits whilst building trust amongst MMA’s peers. The value MMA brings to a project comes through in all aspects of their branding, including the copy and photography, to present one cohesive offering that works online as it does in practice.

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