Deriving their name from the ancient supercontinent, Pangea Sculptures have brought the roaming, roaring wildlife of Africa into homes, gardens and businesses across the UK and Europe through beautifully crafted sculptures.

Their admiration of wildlife has gone from strength-to-strength, with Pangea also raising awareness and funds for several charities, including Born Free and the Purple Poppy Appeal.

Covering all the bases

We assisted Pangea by developing an easy-to-use e-commerce and checkout system with an integrated payment gateway. The website acted as the hub for all their marketing activity, which included email marketing with incentives to build social and email contacts. We implemented quarterly marketing campaigns to drive sales and promotions during key periods throughout the year. On a monthly basis, we optimised all aspects of search engines, paid searches and social content to create routine reports and inform the next month’s marketing effort.

Wild thing, I think I love ya…

Building a database of over 3,000 of GDPR’d contacts, we developed a core following that we could contact with sale previews and dedicated offers to help tailor customer experience.

Content is everything

We developed an intuitive online shopping experience that allows you to find the sculptures you love, by budget, in order of size, weight, dimensions and type.

Given the size and range of sculptures, we designed sculptures with photo-realistic graphics in a range of situational positions, such as in homes, offices, hotels and gardens.

Where wild art meets commerce

Built with customer conversions and interactions in mind, the Pangea website is seamlessly tailored for all search engines. The site has numerous landing pages and a pure e-commerce experience made for easy conversions by integrating simple processes without too many steps or asking for irrelevant information. This made the online shopping experience quick and concise for the customer.

Mobile and PWAs

Building the website mobile first ensured all aspects functioned properly online alongside e-commerce. Using Powerful Web App (PWA) technology, customers received the opportunity to add the website as an app icon to their phone, ensuring ease of use and a faster mobile experience.

Pangea Sculptures has been working with Nick Taylor and the team at e-blueprint for the past four years. During this time, we have built an excellent working relationship with the team.

Initially, Nick and the team began helping us with a website design four years ago and from then e-blueprint has continued to support our business across all our e-commerce and marketing platforms. e-blueprint have always been responsive to our requests, and willing to share ideas and techniques to enhance our business model.

Nick is a very professional individual; a dedicated account manager who is forward thinking and focused on our goals; communication has always been excellent. The team, here and at e-blueprint, work well together and I would not hesitate to recommend their services to any business wanting a consistent, professional approach to web development, e-commerce integration, design and marketing.

Bev Howard, General Manager

We create advertising campaigns for every season and develop a range of innovative marketing products, including iPad wrapped promotional devices.

API integration

We built a lead generation system that connected enquiries into the sales pipeline. It captured the enquiries of bespoke and specialist requirements that typically wouldn’t be bought directly online.

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