Pruno wines is a sophisticated high-end brand of exceptional quality wines and yet owner, Sean Millar, didn’t want to magnify the pretence surrounding the wine industry with his new venture.

Sean’s open and approachable nature is ever present in his approach to the wine he buys, the relationships with his wineries and how he wants to present to his clients. The red wine ‘staining’ developed for Pruno’s logo is something all wine lovers can relate to. It’s the mark of a great evening with loved ones and friends.

The classic typography within the logo retains the feel of importance and elegance against the warmer relaxed feeling of the ident. The immediate familiarity reflects the warm personalities within the business.

Marketing materials and events

With a hands-on approach, we produced T-shirts, pull-up banners, flyers, business cards, and livery. We also attended events to capture imagery alongside supporting the PR agency and worked through the whole experience with Sean and his team to ensure that their events were well publicised.

We work with our preferred suppliers for many of our tasks, from print to photography. For example, we work closely with our long-term friend Outloud PR for publicity. The combination of the team we put in place ensures we get quality materials and content for future events at a reasonable cost.

Developing the brand across digital and marketing campaigns

From wine-tasting events, wine bottle wraps and labelling to integrated social media, SEO and e-commerce, the resultant website is an effortlessly simple browsing experience that allows customers to easily navigate and explore the range of wine. Since shopping and purchasing experiences were the focal point of the website, we ensured to make this run as smoothly as possible.

Sean and his team regularly update his stock levels and add new inventory; they have full control through a customised easy-to-manage content management (CMS) based website. The e-commerce system allows them to promote new wines, promotions and discounts. A simple sign-up feature helps build his customer database, which, in turn, helps wine-tasting events and promotions for both commercial and private buyers.

From concept to delivery, e-blueprint have supported us through the tough times and the good. They are flexible and responsive, and work with our best interests and available budget. We love the design work and how it’s applied from our vehicles to wine wraps; it elevates us to complement the reputation of our premium wines

Sean Millar, Founder.

Conversion tools

Sales are the focus of all our efforts and it’s the key metric that we use to measure success. Other than actual sales, we also develop databases of customers to find out their interests and market to them appropriately. Coupled with website sales, we use our experience and relationship with partners, such as Mailchimp, to help provide a platform for growth and a loyal customer base.

A premium shopping experience

Built with customer conversions and interactions in mind, the PRUNO Wines website is seamlessly tailored for all search engines. The site has numerous landing pages and a pure e-commerce experience made for easy conversions. By integrating simple processes without too many steps, or asking for irrelevant information, the online shopping experience is quick and concise for the customer.

Building a solid rapport

From setting the tone of written content across the website email communications, e-blueprint developed a brand experience that helps customers feel a natural rapport with PRUNO Wines, matching the natural, friendly, open approach that Sean carries in person.

API and customisations

We use simple integrations with Mailchimp and a range of Google tools for promotion and tracking. This allows us to customise the website in order to build a database and track website visitors, which draws on our partnerships and experience with Google and Mailchimp to deliver more added value.

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