Camp & Furnace approached us to help build them a website that allowed them to present their event effortlessly across all platforms. Key to a beautiful and visual frontend, was an equally impressive administration through the website’s back-end. Fully customised to put administration personell in full control to develop and adapt events on the fly.


Structured and searchable events

If you’re looking for something to do you want to know when and where firstmost and then the time and any other details secondary to ensure it’s a right fit for the end-user. We did this for Camp and Furnace with a featured event breakout also.

Bespoke and intuitive forms

With five rooms and a wealth of events Camp and Furnace required more than one or two standard forms, some events are tailored to specific rooms and specific events, these forms need to go to the right person and manager, we made sure that was possible.

Build trust in time

We built a comprehensive timeline that features breakout moments in Camp and Furnaces history.

Sliders redefined

A bespoke slider was crucial for Camp and Furnace to illustrate the various nights and themes, we ensured it was possible.

A dynamic backend

A fully tailored back end system that is personalised to camp designers and marketing team. It gives full control to the customer with bespoke slideshow options, custom events pages, bespoke blog pages and a function for setting time sensitive page releases.

A custom administration

We enabled Camp and Furnace to have full control over all aspects of their website.

Sliders redefined

Its the little touches that can elevate a website and branded rotating stars on this slideshow set all the right tones.

Camp and furnace Event management

Events made easy

A flexible and easy to use system to manage events, mark featured events and support a fast moving business with the ability to represent and feature separate events the could happen simultaneously across the five distinct rooms within Camp and Furnace.

Easy Navigation and custom areas

Each key section of the website is separated out to have its own area – keeping navigation and administration easy and quick to use.

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