Franklin Energy is a leading EV charging provider. Their LiFe EV charging network offers roaming charging across the UK and Europe.

Pioneering the delivery of new products and technologies their aim is to see charging centres operate on a smart grid, utilising the renewable energy generated by hydro, solar and wind power to charge all electric vehicles. e-blueprint have helped develop and move their digital platform to a e-commerce and lead generation platform.

Perfectly adaptable

The Power Web App (PWA) allows users to install a copy of the website that can be added to the home-screen of their phone, so its installed as an APP icon, for easier access and fastest loading times.

e-blueprint offer us the flexibility to deliver marketing campaigns using a variety of tools to give us maximum reach, from paid adverts to email marketing. Developing the website with them means we can continually evolve and adjust as our business changes and grows. Its a partnership that works.

Robert Byrne
CEO & Founder Franklin Energy

Portable Web App (PWA)

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An electric world in print

We’ve developed the brand and a suite of marketing materials from brochures to proposals. With a large bank of on-brand iconology we are able to quickly develop new promotions for specific promotional campaigns without re-inventing the wheel.

A complete approach

What we design in print we use in digital. Our campaigns are lead with strong imagery and powerful messaging. We support events and new EV charging network implementations, with digital assets, from newsletters to banner advertising, keeping messaging cohesive and on brand.

Build an audience

We’ve built a strong engaged audience through separate mailing lists that is GDPR verified for all future marketing campaigns. We are able to separate home, business and LiFe network customers to better message our campaigning.

API integration

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LiFe Network

We use a combination of Google My Business and started a pilot project with the Google team to allow for charging stations to be recognised as a location without a physical office. This combined with location finder on the website allows better coverage and more local SEO traffic to the Franklin website.

Built to convert

We’ve created a series of pages that inform and funnel customers through the key decisions to a point of enquiry or sale. We’ve optimised web pages for search engines and developed content that is useful to customers through FAQs, information about EV’s and where and how to charge them in order to attract and convert customers to the benefits of using Franklin Energy. Through our paid advertising, building of the database and tools like live chat we have enabled the right people to engage with the business.

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