e-mail marketing is one of the most valuable e-marketing strategies if used well. e-blueprint work with businesses to help deliver promotions, engage existing customers, help re-sell more through e-commerce websites. We start by integrating your e-mail marketing through your website. We integrate your e-mail campaigns within your business process and marketing campaign to help gain the most natural interaction with your customers. We aim to add value to your customers, as well as better promote your business and your promotions.

We offer a range of e-marketing designs for e-flyers and e-newsletters. These are typically graphically designed or use gifs and video to help build engagement. We’ll work with you to help develop your database and segment it. By doing so we can develop a more personalised e-mail campaign that allows you engage with customers and not be ignored. We’ll develop your website and your e-mail distribution tool, such as Mailchimp to feed through to other tools such as Customer Relationship Management tools. As such, we can help develop your systems to automate and develop your email marketing to respond in a timely manner and not feel robotic. Speak to us to learn more…


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