Pay Per Click Management

As Google adwords professionals, our pay per click management is based on years spent learning the Google Adwords platform. And we also use Bing’s paid network which has approximately 10% of the UK market. Our Pay Per Click (PPC) management approach allows us to make the most of your budget and therefore develop you a profitable campaign. Part of this campaign is integrating your website with Google analytics, Google Tag Manager and set goals to help maximise your conversion rates. Customers typically find you across across multiple channels, on and offline.  Because of this we identify these channels and help you identify which is key to maximising your budget. Most of all we help you understand how people find you and purchase from you online.

Use our expertise in content creation, branding, graphic design and SEO to produce highly effective PPC campaigns. To do this we ensure that the quality of your promotion is maintained and consistent across all branded assets including your website. The Google display network is used to help track and identify key audiences that buy from you. We are able to target your customers by key demographic and geographic intelligence. And also re-market to customers. Our e-marketing strategies include the engagement and re-engagement, including through e-mail marketing. e-blueprint’s qualified Adwords and Analytics staff understand this technology and how to manage pay per click. Due to our approach, care and attention we help reduce your budget and increase profits through well managed campaigns and bid management.

Find out how we can enhance your campaigns through keyword targeting, content development and advert copy. Using an iterative process of testing and bid strategies we will help you achieve better results for your marketing budget. We will help you choose the right advertising tools for your budget. We can do this for Search Engines including Bing and social media marketing channels like Pinterest and Facebook.


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