Client: Cot Mattress Factory
Location: Liverpool
Brief: Logo Design, Branding, Web Design, e-Commerce, Photography, Packaging, SEO
Year Completed: 2014

Project Description: Cot Mattress Factory asked us to design and build them an online presence starting with a logo and then a bespoke eCommerce website, we then set about generating commerce related leads and sales via an extensive SEO campaign.

How We Helped: Cot Mattress Factory came to us with a precise message, to give them an identity and a reputable web presence. So e-blueprint got busy with a plan to do just that. We started with the brand and once we had that in place we started creating an eCommerce platform to host a user-friendly website that had great user experience, whilst our developers got busy tinkering their final tests our designers created a stationery pack, and advert campaign, a social media campaign for our SEO team to populate with all the latest products and news from Cot Mattress Factory…


Branding: Although the majority of Cot Mattress Factory service is from online sales we also created a commercial presence in the form of an advertising campaign to generate more interest and traffic for the Cot Mattress Factory online store. This also helped generate interest from customers who may not go online for their shopping requirements. We also did branding for their packaging and stationery for a complete and consolidated identity.

Web Design: Cot Mattress Factory wanted a bespoke website that worked well with eCommerce features and had a very easy to use Magento Content Management System that integrated well with Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).

Photography: We spent some time with Cot Mattress Factory discussing what kind of image they wanted to convey, once we had some test shots, we had a precise direction to explore, these are the cosy, comfortable examples of some of the photoshoots.

Search Engine Optimisation: Cot Mattress Factory had an extensive SEO campaign to realise it’s market and attract the right traffic and exposure, we also conducted some demographic tests, AB testing, specific content review from intensive keyword research and topped it all of with a social media campaign.