Client: FGA – Francis Garner Architects
Location: Liverpool
Brief: Logo Design, Branding, Web Design, Stationery and Bespoke Packaging
Year Completed: 2015

Project Description: FGA – Francis Garner Architects asked e-blueprint to produce a fresh, bold and solid brand identity and responsive website that married well with the environment and location of their offices in Hanover Street. Here are the results and some of the preliminary designs that helped shape and achieve a corporate ID and website that e-blueprint are proud to present.

How We Helped: From our first meeting with FGA we helped reveal a lot of further potential that could be beneficial to the company. With this in mind we went away to formulate a proposal, breaking it down into manageable staged sections. We began with a branding and corporate ID campaign working closely with FGA to realise their aesthetics and develop them into a final logo that reflected them as a company. Once the logo was complete and the colour schemes recognised we moved on to researching and developing the website. To help us achieve a solid approach forward we set out a series of questionaires to relevant demographics, when the answers to the questions we posed came back, we built a website that covered all the bases and ticked all the boxes for a great User Experience for all who visits it, try it out: https://fgarchitects.co.uk.


Branding: A solution to all of FGA’s corporate stationery needs and branding options for all their stationery, signage and devices including bespoke styling for some unique packages and window graphics.

Corporate Stationery:  Letterheads, Business Cards, Compliments Slips, Invoices and Sketch Books all branded and styled as per the FGA logo and colour scheme for a truly striking and uniqe stationery package that seamlessly intergrates with every aspect of FGA.

Web Design: Once the branding had been completed we went about identifying FGA’s target audience and helping to achieve the maximum exposure and greatest end-user experience for their website ensuring it was responsive and that it looked aesthetically beautiful and exciting as well… We also incorporated an easy to use Content Management System so FGA would be able to update their content quickly and efficiently.

Photography: Part of FGA’s branding and website required a corporate photoshoot, we identified the type of images that would be required for the relevant projects and then got busy with the cameras.

Search Engine Optimisation: In order to ensure FGA had the right traffic and exposure, we conducted some demographic tests and AB testing, we also created specific content from intensive keyword research and tiopped it all of with a swish social media campaign.