Our multiple feedback channels and technical audits help us understand how your customers experience your business. Using a video-based user task analysis, we paint a clear picture of how customers are using your site to identify any potential barriers to your site conversions. Full website tracking and in-page analytics allow us to monitor user behaviour, optimise sales, and identify the most appropriate marketing channels for use to enhance your business. Our market research includes establishing your customer trends online to help you plan effectively. We map out your processes, strategize how your communications will be received, and relay customer insights gathered from our thorough business analytics.

But that’s not all! You can rest assured that we don’t drop the ball after helping you set up. Instead, we ride those digital waves with you by developing customer surveys and customer review management systems to eliminate blind spots and always keep an eye out for opportunities to improve. We make sure that the solutions we provide work by going above and beyond end-to-end project management because we believe that there is no limit to your business’ potential. This gives you a roadmap to continually improve your position and onboard new customers more successfully.


Gain knowledge about what your customers like and where you can improve by contacting us today.

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    Written by Sam Gardiner

    I'm a web developer based in Liverpool currently working for E-blueprint.


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