Creating knowledge about what your customers like and don’t like.

We help you understand how your customers experience your business. Through multiple feedback channels and technical audits. We help you understand your processes and how your communications are perceived and produce meaningful information from analytical data.

We deliver video based – user task analysis to gain opinion and check for any hurdles inadvertently created on your website. We develop customer surveys and customer review management to draw out opportunities and fix any blind spots. With full website tracking, in-page analytics, we monitor user behaviour, optimise sales and identify the most appropriate marketing channels. We undertake technical audits to create a smooth and simple online experience. Our market research, includes establishing your customer trends online to help you plan effectively.

When we develop a website for you, we take a customer-centric approach throughout and marry this to marketing activity to help you gain real insight into what works. We provide clear and useful data and tracking that helps us plan and develop our presence online to achieve maximum impact and you a roadmap to continual improve your position and on-board new customers more successfully.


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    Written by Sam Gardiner

    I'm a designer based in Liverpool currently working for E-blueprint. Die hard Bolton Wanderers...Enough said.

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