Level One – New Business / Starter website @ £65 per month

(plus VAT)

You receive a website that includes:

  • A single page website
  • One hour per month support for website changes
  • Newsletter sign-up and integration to Mailchimp
  • Quarterly website maintenance update
  • Monthly website hosting with Free SSL
  • 1x FREE email account
  • 1x domain name configuration
  • An annual review of your website
  • Minimum term 24 months

Level Two – Agency Supported website growth @ £250 pcm

(plus VAT)

A website with two (additional) hours promotional work per month.

  • Includes level one plus;
  • A website up to five pages
  • Two additional hours (three in total) of consultancy, graphic design, web development and/or online promotion
  • Professionally written website content five pages
  • Designed and enhanced stock photography
  • Training to add content to your blog or web pages
  • Quarterly website audit and recommendations including SEO
  • Minimum term 12 months

Level Three – Marketing campaign based website @ £500 pcm

(plus VAT)

A fully optimised, high-performance website and monthly marketing:

  • Includes all levels above and;
  • A website up to ten pages with written content and stock images supplied
  • Monthly ‘on-page’ search engine optimisation (SEO) for a Google presence boosts, blog optimisation, SEO recommendations
  • Integration of WordPress-friendly API tools e.g. reservations or email marketing
  • A Local SEO campaign
  • Backlinks and citations with links back to your website
  • 1x meeting per month for marketing plan and lead generation
  • x2 blogs written per month
  • 1x Mailchimp newsletter template
  • Building a customer database: email marketing newsletter creation or promotional email
  • Minimum term 12 months

Level Four – Service based website or e-commerce website @ £750 pcm

Two days promotional and website development per month.

Includes all levels above, totalling two days marketing effort per month. Which can be used as required but is recommended for:

  • A communication and marketing plan
  • 1x article for website or online PR
  • Up to 15x posts for Social media channels per month
  • Up to 4x blog posts per month
  • 4x Mailchimp send outs per year
  • 1x landing page for A/B optimisation testing per quarter
  • Set up of Google & Trust pilot reviews with inclusion on the website
  • 1x paid advertising campaign for using Facebook or Google – advertising budget is required
  • Advanced Google analytics tracking using Google Tag Manager
  • Monthly performance reporting & website optimisation for Google

Plus Website development that includes:

  • A downloadable App featuring your website
  • An add-to-home screen (mobile app)
  • App Push notifications feature
  • Plus access to over 50 FREE sales tools like ‘Live Chat'(price on request)
  • 1x Additional website functions e.g. an Events page, case studies grid, gallery, e-commerce
  • Website accessibility to double AA compliance level

Level Five – Lead generation websites @ £1000 pcm

Part of our progressive https://intelligent-targeting.uk/ programme

  • Includes all levels above and;
  • A microsite for lead generation.
  • Data for 50 telesales calls per month
  • 50 telesales calls per month for appointment booking
  • Customer satisfaction surveys and reporting

Customised add-ons

Combine elements from various packages

  • MailChimp newsletter
  • Photography
  • Promotional Video
  • Social media campaign
  • Set up of Google & Trust pilot reviews with inclusion on the website
  • 50 telesales calls per month for appointment booking
  • 1x landing pages per month

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