So, how does SEO work?


Planning, planning, and more planning


The key to getting a great SEO ranking is through extensive planning. A tip for achieving this is to try and get it as right as possible the first time around. No plan may leave you repeatedly trying to edit, fix and improve your ranking. Updates and edits will always need to happen! But getting as much market research under your belt as possible in the first place makes implementing those updates faster and much more efficient. You will gather a huge amount of valuable data to use across your website. In addition, you will also be able to refer back to your research for past, present and future tracking, posts, and brainstorming. Broad research is also just as important as niche and refined research, as it could uncover some alternative ideas or perspectives that you may not have considered had you not explored these different areas. Start gathering as much information as you can as soon as you can!

Establish your unique selling points


To do this, set some time aside to research what makes your content unique – you could do this by identifying your target customers. Use these unique attributes as your starting points, as they will help your content match your customers’ specific wants and needs. When it comes to catching your audiences’ eyes, it sells to be unique, and you will soon discover that SEO highlights how the most popular searches aren’t always the most profitable.

Imagine you’re selling a new twist on the classic and well-loved spaghetti Bolognese recipe. There are going to be LOTS of other companies and manufacturers selling a similar product who will be fighting over that top search spot. So, how do we get to first place? This is where the strategy behind those unique selling points comes in. The chances of a brand new product overtaking top sellers are unlikely. However, if a customer is searching for a niche variant, such as a vegan Bolognese recipe, you will stand a much better chance of landing a place in those first few pages of search results. Companies create products and services to fill a gap in the market, and SEO is the perfect place for you to showcase exactly what that market gap is and how you satisfy it. SEO doesn’t have to be scary; it’s about letting your company’s individuality shine.


Using keywords to boost SEO rankings


So, now we know WHAT SEO marketing is, next we need to know HOW to carry it out across our digital marketing campaigns. e-blueprint’s team are highly skilled at using SEO practices, from Google Ads to YOAST SEO with WordPress, which makes optimising and managing your search appearances so much easier. Keywords are at the centre of SEO optimisation – these are what browsers, such as Google, latch on to in order to structure the appearance and order of search results. By conducting rigorous research through Google Ad’s Keyword Planner, we cross-reference data from your market and from within your website to narrow down the best potential keywords and keyword phrases for you. We compare sheets and sheets of insights, such as average monthly searches, three-month changes, year on year changes, competition, and top of page bids ranging from lowest to highest. These statistics help us to deduce how your search appearance may perform depending on multiple variables, which can highlight additional unique selling points that you may have not yet considered!


The opportunities that you can achieve with our SEO services are endless. Contact us today for any enquiries or contact our head of SEO, Nick Taylor.

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Written by Nick Taylor


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