Nick Taylor

With 24 years’ experience in website development, search engines and database development. Nick helps clients understand what they actually need help with to develop their business. With a post-grad in usability and business systems, Nick has always been interested and witnessed the growth of the internet and the impact on the web. His core principles of good design, being customer-first and driving excellence through the process of web development, is testament to 17 years in business and on-going success. This has resulted in the development of Intelligent Targeting, a customer experience feedback loop that’s designed to get businesses more business in the right way, with the right tools for the job.

Sam Gardiner

A full stack frontend web site developer, Sam works hard to bring function and design together into something that works across the multitude desktop and mobile devices, Sam creates exceptional customer experiences online. A website speed demon and fully focussed on the health of all his babies, the websites Sam produces work beautifully for all our SEO campaigns. A full time vegan, cat lover and gift to humanity, Sam’s approachable nature, makes it easy for clients to work with him without feeling over-phased by the tech. He works with clients and makes the process of on-boarding clients to their new website something that’s painless and easy to understand.  Sam leads technical web development for e-blueprint as our senior web developer, manages any other developers we bring in for bigger projects and develops a safe web development building environment. Sam has implemented a 100’s of e-commerce and lead generation websites.

Rich Withey

Rich is the all-round nice guy, organised with an eye for detail beyond the average cat, he’s e-blueprint’s creative director with over 27 years design experience and has worked with e-blueprint for 8 years. His exceptional branding, illustration and web design work is self-evident through our portfolio of work. User focussed, and a great work ethic, Rich designs across print and digital, he re-invigorates brands and develops websites for all types of businesses and people, is a breeze to work with and our clients love our Welsh warrior. Rich is also an author and runs a creative writing group online.

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