A roadmap to quickly establish your businesses true position online and how to get there.

We’ll review and explore your business model with you. We’ve worked with hundreds of businesses and have developed an innate appreciation of what works and how to position your business online. From e-commerce, bringing services online to subscription-based or affiliate marketing, we’ll focus on leveraging commercial opportunities and work with you to bring that into a marketing plan.

We will produce your business an ‘e-blueprint’ which will help identify your position in your market and allow you to make key decisions, with clarity. It’s about finding the right approach for your website, digital and marketing effort.

The report we create will include recommendations to implement a Go-To-Market plan, with a focus on business development that can be implemented quickly. It will consist of empirical evidence including competitor analysis, the latest data on user search trends, how to structure and assert your position in search engines, and which advertising streams, market research and customer feedback should be implemented.

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Written by Sam Gardiner

I'm a designer based in Liverpool currently working for E-blueprint. Die hard Bolton Wanderers...Enough said.